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Please see the current stock of Cricket Bat’s, please note that the bat you see is the bat you will receive, no stock photos here. I have bats arriving daily so please contact me for the lastest stock information. I try to list the bats accurately and honestly and include all relevant details, should you require any further details/pictures or have any questions then please contact me.

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KOOKABURRA KAHUNA 800 2011 MODEL RRP £300 (WEIGHT 2:9, 8 GRAINS, GRADE 1) This Kookaburra Kahuna 800 Cricket Bat is the very best of the Kahuna range apart from the 1000 model, this particular bat being selected and graded by the master bat maker. This iconic profile allows all batters to dwarf even the biggest boundaries and inflict dominating strokes upon any bowler. Endorsed by legendary batsman and Australian captain Ricky Ponting who uses the massive profile, high spine and huge edges to inflict powerful and precise hitting upon all his opponents. The Kahuna is hand crafted and naturally air dried producing the optimum power to pick up ratio.  One of the vital developments of the Kahuna bat is the Dynamic Power shaped face. Helping to maximise power by utilising a massive profile with a high spine and huge edges.  Looking on most website such as Cricket Supplies & Pro Direct Cricket this bat is selling for a enormous £240, grab it here for £159.99


KOOKABURRA BLADE 750 2011 MODEL RRP £260 (WEIGHT 2:8, 10 GRAINS, GRADE 1) This bat is made from premium English willow and has a large Heartwood strip on the outside edge for a right hander just like the Pro's. It gives a lovely balance and you will wonder how it is so big for such a light weight. The range uses the best clefts of home grown English willow. The quality of this willow is so high because it is genuine English willow and the 10 grains give a stiffenss to the blade that will help return the ball with interest. This is a big and tight grained bat, It has 10 clear tight grains with no marks or blemishes on the blade and with a natural finish with no scuff sheet just a toe guard fitted. This bat pings of very well and that is even before it has been knocked in.  The willow has been hand selected specifically selected dependant on weight, grain structure and performance.  Looking on most website such as Cricket Supplies & Pro Direct Cricket this bat is selling for a enormous £210, grab it here for £149.99



KOOKABURRA CCX 700 2011 MODEL RRP 250 (Weight 2:8, 8 Grains, Grade 1) NEW 2011 model selling on most websites at no less than £200, my price is £149.99 One of the best of the Kookaburra range in 2011, selected and graded by Kookaburra's Master Bat – Unbleached GRADE 1 English Willow with 8 evenly spaced Grains on a totally unmarked blade which has been oiled and knocked in. You can see from the pictures that this is an awesome bat and from knocking the bat in it has a great rebound and ping.  The massive ‘power profile’ maximises driving power whilst enhancing ‘pick up’. Endorsement - The choice of Owais Shah, Mitchell Johnson and Joe Denly. With a RRP price of 250 pounds, I am selling this bat for just £149.99 that is a saving of £100.


KOOKABURRA ROUGE 650 2011 MODEL RRP 230 (Weight 2:9, 12 Grains, Grade 1)  A beautiful piece of craftsmanship the Rouge range will be one of the most popular this season launched for 2011, with 12 stunning grains on a  clean face with no blemishes and a nice strip of heartwood this bat is to die for. It is most certainly made from a grade 1 cleft due to the nice straight narrow grains and no cosmetic marks. It has very attractive neon orange stickers on the front. Priced on most websites at around 195.99 I am selling for just £149.99 Used and endorsed by Mr Dependable Mike Hussy.


KOOKABURRA KAHUNA BIGGEST 2011 MODEL RRP (Weight 2:12, 12 Grains, Grade 1)  Made from Premier Unbleached Grade 1 English Willow with 12 grains evenly spaced straight grains and a hint of heartwood for extra ping and performance. The bat is exactly what it’s name signifies ‘Biggest’. It is without a doubt the largest bat in my stock at the moment and would suit a attacking batsman effortlessly.  This is a meaty bat full of power, with thick edges and a huge sweet spot. Add to the fact it most surely have been made a top class cleft due to the blemish free blade. Suitable for use in First Class Cricket. The bat has been waxed & anti-scuff sheet fitted for longer life THIS BAT ON MOST WEBSITES SELLS FOR AROUND 160 pounds, so you could be making a massive saving  purchasing the blade for £139.99  USED AND ENDORSED BY Ricky Ponting, A.B De Villiers, Scott Styris, Luke Wright


KOOKABURRA KAHUNA BIG 2011 MODEL RRP 180 (Weight 2:10, 10 Grains, Grade 2)  Made from Professional Unbleached English Willow with straight even grains on a very responsive blade on a white clean blade with no blemishes or cosmetic marks. Pressed to perfection. I have tested with a mallet and it really does sound like a top piece of wood. Picking up more like a 2:9 and with 10  narrow straight grains with a hint of heartwood this bat is a real treat for the eyes Suitable for use in First Class Cricket. The bat has been waxed & anti-scuff sheet fitted for longer life. THIS BAT ON MOST WEBSITES SELLS FOR AROUND 120 pounds  Priced at a reasonable £99.99 USED AND ENDORSED BY Ricky Ponting, A.B De Villiers, Scott Styris, Luke Wright  



 GM FLARE DXM ORIGINAL LIMITIED EDITION 2011 MODEL (Weight 2:9, 12 Grains, Grade 1+) If you know GM you will know that they are the most innovative company in cricket and are well followed despite their hefty price tags. This is a big and tight grained bat with a decent strip of heartwood in the inside edge of a right handed batsman, a lot of Pro's will use this style willow because it performs at the highest level. A truly gem of a bat and your chance to have something that plays superbly well.   ALL GM LIMITED EDITION BATS are made from only the finest reserve willow (selected from the top 1% from the UK) Gunn & Moore FLARE DXM Original LE 2011. GM NOW is the G&M factory prepared knocking in package and includes oiling, knocking in, Dri-Guard toe treatment, fitted toe guard and clear anti-scuff face sheet - and is included in the price of this bat.  This bat is new for 2011 and is selling in shops for around £310, I am selling this bat for just £219.99


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